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Here is a list of the extra media for Hakuouki. I haven't included the list of game release or anime episodes, as they're covered in one of the links. I don't provide links to downloads of anime/ova episodes or game ISOs. Please try to support the fandom legally whenever possible!

Tokio-Fujita index: [livejournal.com profile] tokio_fujita's master translation post, which includes the following, amongst other things:

• Ongoing translation of Reimeiroku
• Translations of various Drama CDs and novels
• Honorific chart
• Release lists for past games, anime releases, and drama CDs
• Alcohol capacity chart
• Assorted Bakumatsu trivia
• Upcoming release list

ochimizu @ tumblr: A tumblr tag run by me, which contains excerpts of literary documentations of the real Shinsengumi, as well as assorted comparisons to Hakuouki, explanation of common Bakumatsu terms, and other facts and tidbits.

Zuisouroku scene: Yamazaki and Chizuru

Hakuouki (English Scanlation) | Hakouki Junrenka (English Scanlation) | Manga Index (Chinese Scanlation)

Sweet School Life AU:
OVA 1 | OVA 2

Drama CDs
Okita & Saitou cooking | Drunken Moonlit Night*(Harada & Kazama) (link currently unavailable) | Chabanashi in the Moonlight* (Hijikata & Saitou) (link currently unavailable) | Wind Through The City Night (Kazama & Hijikata) | Princess Kazama and the 5 Noblemen Part 1; Part 2 | Rice Ball (Okita & Heisuke)

Live Drama
2009 | 2010 | 2011

Shinsengumi History
Shinsengumi no Makoto - a Shinsengumi fansite with a lot of interesting (though some unfounded rumours and unconfirmed/conflicting information) history of the members of the Shinesengumi.
Shinsengumi @ Samurai Wiki - features comprehensive timeline, resources and links to the notable events and members of the Shinsengumi.
Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps - Contains background info as well as excerpts from the book of the same name.

DRAMA CD TRANSLATION PROJECT! If you want to see more of the media translated, please check out that post! We're in need of people who can translate dialogue. More information there!

If there's anything you feel should be added to this list, please comment here or send me an email at hakuoukitranslation@gmail.com! If it's something I feel is sufficient, it'll be added to the index asap!
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Okay, so here's the deal. We are a small fandom with not many resources, and much of the great media that is available to Japan is not translated. And we want to fix that!

I would love to do it myself, but my Japanese is not up to snuff with what's needed to translate a lot of the media, especially going by audio cues alone. So what we need now are volunteers! Even if the translations are rough (not google translate rough, but direct translations without any sort of adaptations), that's fine! I have no problem rewording dialogue for tone.

These are all youtube videos, most of which will allow you to add annotations. If you're up to it, add them yourself! If you take this route, just contact me so I know to add them to the translated list!

If you don't, I'll need the translation (and preferably a transcript of the original dialogue alongside it, so I know where the annotations need to go) sent to me.

Anyone who wants to take on a part of this project or try to help me out is free to. The more, the merrier - this is something to be shared with everyone in the fandom! You can contact me at hakuoukitranslation@gmail.com with any of the aforementioned stuff.

Currently, these are the Drama CDs that we're looking to get translated!

Ame to muchi Saitou to Nagakura no baai
Ame to muchi Hijikata to Kazama no baai
Ame to muchi Toudou to Harada no baai
Ame to muchi Okita to Kondou no baai
Momo kara umareta nanto yara
Kazama Hime to itsutsu no nandai
Kazama Hime cast commentary
Kouun no warashibe chouga
Reimeiroku radio drama

This post will be updated periodically when there are new things to be translated. Come help, if you can! ♥


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